For domestic or international shipping, you must consider that the packaging you use for your shipment must be strong enough to endure the trip from you to the recipient. Individual courier parcels go through many stages of handling and need to be packed correctly. Also, sufficient tape must be used to protect the parcel from unintentional damage. When packing a carton for your shipment, you have to consider whether it can be picked up by one person. Therefore, the carton should not exceed 30kg, especially for courier shipments.


A standard pallet is approximately 120cm x 100cm. The height allowed will depend on how the pallet is shipped and height restrictions may vary. As a rule of thumb, 150cm is a good indicator.

When shipping a pallet, you must make loading arrangements for when it is collected. PEXGO JAPAN KK. can arrange collection and delivery to the airport or seaport.

Sea Freight Containers

Sea freight containers are available in two standard sizes:

  • 20-feet container with a capacity of 28 cubic meters
  • 40-feet container with a capacity of 50 cubic meters

Volumetric Weight