When sending a parcel or shipment overseas, a shipping invoice is normally required. This invoice should be completed by the sender and attached to the shipment. The invoice must show the names and addresses of senders and consignees, the contents of the parcel, and value of the contents.

The invoice will be used for customs clearance from the country of export. PEXGO JAPAN KK. will assist you in creating the invoice, if required.

Customs Documents

There are many documents required for export shipments. However, PEXGO JAPAN KK. will complete these documents on the sender’s behalf.

Declaration of Contents

Once the documentation process is completed, the shipment is submitted for customs export clearance. If all the documentation is correct, the shipment will be cleared for export.

Restricted Items

There are many items that are restricted and cannot be sent. Any flammable items such as perfume, cosmetics, and batteries are not permitted. All hazardous material must be accompanied by special documentation. Please feel free to contact us if you are in doubt.